What do we do?

What is a Process Server?

A person who serves legal documents, as subpoenas, writs, law suits (criminal or civil), notice of violation letters and documents requiring appearance in court.  We deliver / “serve” to  defendants or persons involved in a court case. Odys also files your affidavit of service with the Florida courts at no extra cost. 

Our services




  • Florida Service of Process, any county, anywhere in Florida, in the everglades or in beaches, we can serve it. 
  • Nationwide Service of Process. Our corporate office is in Florida and we have servers/affiliates through our the US, Caribbean islands and Canada.
  • RUSH Service of Process, "first attempt within 24 hours"
  • Same Day RUSH Service (self explanatory but just in case you need further explanation) - First attempt will be the same day we received your documents.
  • Within the hour Same Day RUSH Service, we would need to use our helicopter for this one. 
  • Courthouse Research, Some FL counties have everything online now, research is research no matter where you at. 
  • Courthouse Runs daily - if you need something dropped off at courthouse or picked up at courthouse. 
  • Document Retrieval - We can pick up legal documents at any location and deliver them as needed. All documents picked up would remain confidential and secure until delivered to its destination. 
  • Basic Skip Traces - Names, Aliases, Maiden Names and other Names observed, SSN, Date of Birth, DL information where available, Professional Licenses, Full Address History including Address Details and Mapping Option, First Seen Date and Last Seen Date for entire Address History, Alphabetical list of Cities and Counties associated with subject, List of Possible Relatives, including Date of Birth, Possible Phone Numbers with scores, Possible Email Addresses with option to check Social Networks, Indicators for Bankruptcies, Liens, and Judgments.
  • Comprehensive skip Traces - All of the basic skip & address details with pictures, Email address, Utilities, possible criminal records, FL Accidents, Global watch list, professional affiliations, professional licenses, pilot licenses, voters registration, hunting permits, weapon permits, current & past property deeds, Property assessments, property foreclosures, Evictions, Bankruptcy records, Current vehicle information, past vehicle information, UCC filings, Us Corporate affiliations, Liens, Judgments, Aircraft records, US Business affiliations, Degrees of relatives, likely associates, possible associates, and possible employers. Please note: Sensitive personal information and legally restricted data such as SSN, Date of Birth or DL information might be displayed truncated. 
  • Diligent Searches - A comprehensive skip is required to perform this search. 
  • Notary in office and on the go.


Files coming soon.